Burdoksan Ltd. Sti. started its operations in cast industry in 2004 responds customers' requests with its dynamic structure using Hicret Dokum's experience of 17 years. Burdoksan Ltd. Sti. is a disamatic foundry producing raw material and processed components made of sphero and grey cast iron in high quality between .5 kg – 20 kg with state of the art molding technology to the industries such as automotive, hydraulic, machinery and other industries certified with ISO 9001-2008 (BVQI) world standards. Quality, high capacity and delivery performance are propellant powers of investment and improvement works in the foundry which is main objectives of Burdoksan Ltd. Sti. Burdoksan Ltd. Sti. has 12.000 kg casting production capacity per year with 2 disamatics in its production plants located in Kayapa Industrial Zone in 30 km west of the city Bursa. Burdoksan Ltd. Sti. is established on 7,000 sqm area of which 6,000 sqm is closed and innovation works are carried out with qualified engineers to achieve high product quality and sustainability with 10 engineer and 60 staff. Our company which uses geopolitics advantage responds international customers quickly. We export 60% of our production overseas mainly Europe.

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